Community Service


Community service plays a key role in maintaining the health of our society by acting as a bridge between socioeconomic divides. On a community level, the clinic together with the staff, volunteers and partners organize health screening, education, free healthcare and donations to communities. We also collaborate in social networks with other volunteer organizations and local governments, providing services that help build a heathy and thriving society.

For us, community service is a key part of promoting our responsibility as a health institution by tying in the clinic decisions with respect for the community and the environment.

These services also firm up the relationship between a clinic and its surrounding community.

Community Service

On the 18 th OF December, 2021, WAAF IHCC in collaboration with Chayuta (from Chayuta Music) and her friends and co-students (students from The Northern Consortium UK (NCUK), conducted a free health screening and donation exercise for residents of the Haatso community, where the WAAF/IHCC head office and clinic are located. The event took place in the popular community of Haatso known as the Yam Market. Tests and services of day were among others Hepatitis B, Random Blood sugar and HIV.

Screening of blood pressure and body mass index were also provided.
Capitalizing on the time of the year, namely the Christmas festive season, WAAF/IHCC were delighted when Chayuta and her school mates decided to help WAAF/IHCC give back to their community bydonating personal items and more to especially children and the youth of the Haatso Town.

On the day itself, whilst the WAAF/IHCC medical team conducted health screenings, melodious tunes (songs by Chayuta music) kept all in attendance happy and cheerful. The students of NCUK then made many children present happy by donating, clothes, shoes, stationary, and much more to them. Being
able to bring smiles on the face of such young ones was a delight and the efforts of the students from NCUK is greatly appreciated.
To climax the day, a dance competition amongst the youngest of kids present was held and what a joy it was to watch such wonderful children dance themselves out. The winners of the competition were awarded prices by the students form NCUK. A total of 46 people were screened for all the tests. With 1 person testing positive to HIV and 5 testing positives to Hepatitis B. There were more females who tested as compared to males. WAAF/IHCC thank all those who continue to partner with us to fight HIV/AIDS as well as fight other
related issues such as poverty and gender issues that continue to fuel HIV. In this case we are extremely grateful to Chayuta and her co-students from NCUK.

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